The Great Liberator

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The Great Liberator
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Gamerscore 15
Description Liberated and visited all cities in the Dominion of Rubrum.

The Great Liberator is a trophy and achievement in Final Fantasy Type-0. To earn this award, visit and liberate all cities in Rubrum. This includes: McTighe, Aqvi, Corsi, Keziah, Mi-Go, Iscah, Rokol, Meroë, and Toguagh. Each city can be liberated by completing the accompanying overworld sortie. You must then physically enter each city. McTighe, Aqvi, Corsi, Iscah, and Toguagh will be unlocked through the story. The others require high-level Expert Trials to be completed. The Expert Trials can be unlocked at the beginning of Chapter 3 by speaking to the NPC near the main gate in Akademeia.

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