The Road to Zenith

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(Lv. 54) The Road to Zenith
Issuing NPC Moghan
Location The Churning Mists - Sohm Al Summit - Moghome (27-34)
Type MSQ.png Main Scenario
Level 54
Unlocks MSQ.png Waiting for the Wind to Change
SQ.png Something Needs to Change
SQ.png Where Dragon's Tread
SQ.png Who's Got the Baskets
Requires MSQ.png Leaving Moghome

The Road to Zenith is a Main Scenario quest in the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. It can be unlocked by completing the quest "Leaving Moghome" at level 54.

[edit] Information


default 62,400 default 605
Optional Items

Titanium Mail of Fending.png High Quality Titanium Cuirass of Maiming.png High Quality Dhalmelskin Jacket of Striking.png High Quality Dhalmelskin Jacket of Scouting.png High Quality Allagan Silver Piece.png x5

Moghan has volunteered to lead you to Zenith.


  • Defeat enemies on the path to Asah.
  • Defeat enemies on the path to Asah.
  • Speak with Moghan.

[edit] Journal

Moghan has volunteered to show you the way to Zenith, but he warns that the road will not be traveled without conflict. Strike out for the ruins of Asah, and defeat any dragons who take issue with your passage.

You have defeated a number of wrathful Dravanians. Be ready for further skirmishes as you continue on your way to Asah.

Once more, you are forced to slay the dragons who ambush you upon the road. Travel the last stretch to the ruins of Asah, and speak with Moghan.

You have safely arrived in the ruins of Asah after battling your way through the land's inhospitable denizens. Though Moghan seems unsettled by the dragons' unusual aggression, your journey to Zenith is all but at an end.

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