The Spice of Life

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(Lv. 56) The Spice of Life
Issuing NPC Alphinaud
Location Foundation - The Broom (13-12)
Type MSQ.png Main Scenario
Level 56
Unlocks MSQ.png Noble Indescretions
Requires MSQ.png Ill-weather Friends

The Spice of Life is a Main Scenario quest in the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. It can be unlocked by completing the quest "Ill-weather Friends" at level 56.

[edit] Information


default 72,000 default 527
Optional Items

Titanium Cuirass of Fending.png High Quality Titanium Mail of Maiming.png High Quality Titanium Mail of Striking.png High Quality Titanium Mail of Scouting.png High Quality Allagan Silver Piece.png x5

Alphinaud is not one to be easily deterred.


  • Speak with Gibrillont.
  • Speak with the hulking hunter in the Pillars.
  • Deliver the fresh herbs to Gibrillont.

[edit] Journal

Displaying an uncharacteristic lack of imagination, Alphinaud decides to continue questioning the people of the Brume, and bids you speak with Gibrillont in the meantime. Perhaps the proprietor of the Forgotten Knight will be more forthcoming than his customers.

In response to your inquiries about the Mongrel, Gibrillont stresses that discretion is key to running a successful tavern, making it all too clear that he will divulge no useful information. Before you can turn to leave, however, he offers to point you in the right direction in exchange for a small favor. Make your way to the Jeweled Crozier and collect a satchel of herbs from a hunter in Gibrillont's stead.

The hunter hands over the herbs with minimal fuss. Return to the Forgotten Knight and deliver them to Gibrillont.

Herbs in hand, the proprietor of the Forgotten Knight sets about preparing a batch of mulled wine. Few things stir the hearts of men so well, he says. If shared with the right people, what stories─and secrets─might spill from their lips?

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