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Weapons in Final Fantasy VIII are created through a simple weapon upgrade system. Rather than buying and equipping new weapons, you merely take your old weapon to a junk shop, and providing you have the correct items and gil, you can have your weapon changed to a different version. You can downgrade it as well as upgrade it, but there is obviously no benefit to that. You do not need to get the weapons in order - instead, you can skip straight from the first to the last. Some people prefer to do this, since it involves less item hunting, although it does mean that you must complete much of the game with your basic weapons (which isn't nearly as much of a problem in FFVIII as in other Final Fantasy games).

Other people prefer to upgrade weapons as they go. Each of your six main characters has at least four weapons, and you can find information on these in the Weapons Monthly magazines which are scattered around the world. Each of the seven magazines details four weapons each. You do not need to have the relevant magazine on hand to upgrade the weapon; if you have all the items needed, the option will show up in the junk shop automatically. The magazines merely serve as an indicator. Laguna, Kiros, Ward, Edea, and Seifer do not have upgrades available. Even if you visit a junk shop with these characters in the party, their names will not appear on the list.

You can access a Junk Shop from the main menu using the GF Tonberry's ability 'Junk Shop'.

Squall is unique in the party, in that he learns a new Limit Break with each succesive Weapon Upgrade. See Limit Breaks for more detail.

Click on a link below to see the list of each type of weapon.

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