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White Mage
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White Mage is one of the core playable classes in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. She can be acquired by completing the Final Fantasy VII dungeon Mako Reactor No. 1 (Classic) with Mastery results.

A practitioner of healing magic, the white mage is invaluable when it comes to restoring HP or removing debuffs. Though lacking in martial skill, no small number of battles have been won thanks to her spellcraft. - official description


[edit] Memory Crystal

White Mage's Memory Crystal can be acquired by completing the Final Fantasy III dungeon Hein's Castle (Classic) for the first time.

[edit] Record Materia

White Mage has two Record Materia. Concentration I is awarded for breaking the character's level cap, and has a chance to restore one white magic ability use at the beginning of battle. Concentration II is awarded for completing the boss battle in the Final Fantasy IX dungeon Burmecia (Elite) without the White Mage dying. It can restore one white magic ability at the beginning of battle.

[edit] Abilities


White Mage uses Prayer as her default Soul Break. However, by equipping the Light Staff (III), she can also use the Divine Signet Soul Break.

White Mage can use any White Magic ability up to Rank 4.

[edit] Equipment

White Mage can equip the following weapons:

White Mage can equip the following armor:

[edit] Stats

Level HP Atk Def Mag Res Mind Acc Eva Spd
1 96 5 5 6 9 8 20 20 69
50 2048 50 40 62 95 88 22 22 91
65 2645 65 56 81 123 113 23 23 99

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