Wildlands Destiny

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Wildlands Destiny
Medal No. 045
Previous Fire Spinner
Next Yum-Yum Skull
Location Eastern Wildlands

Wildlands Destiny is a medal in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.


[edit] Information

[edit] Hint

Do you think the oxen have a leader?

[edit] Description

In the Eastern Wildlands, you drove away the boss of the wild oxen.

[edit] Requirements

Gold.jpg Gold Pacify the ox leader at least three times
Silver.jpg Silver Pacify the ox leader twice
Bronze.jpg Bronze Pacify the ox leader once

[edit] How to Obtain

After pacifying 20 normal wild oxen (Medal 035), the ox leader will appear in the cave by the entrance to the Eye of the Rock. Pull out the sword and pitchfork from its back, then knock it off its feet until it calms down. Repeat three times for the gold.

[edit] Related Medals

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