Winery Mama

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Winery Mama
Medal No. 253
Previous Mushroom Hunter
Next Release Ballast
Location Winery

Winery Mama is a medal in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.


[edit] Information

[edit] Hint

When angered, the Winery manager is very scary.

[edit] Description

In the Winery, you encountered the Winery Mother.

[edit] Requirements

Gold.jpg Gold Encounter the Winery Mother at least ten times
Silver.jpg Silver Encounter the Winery Mother five to nine times
Bronze.jpg Bronze Encounter the Winery Mother one to four times

[edit] How to Obtain

After chasing Goldenrod through the Forgotten Forest and traveling down the coast, return to the Winery and head to the lower floor. Pull the taps on the barrels until the Winery Mother arrives and reprimands you. Toss her down to earn the medal. Repeat ten times for the gold.

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