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The original map of the World of Balance

World of Balance is the starting world of Final Fantasy VI. The World of Balance is a basic RPG world map with two large continents that are surrounded by open seas on all sides. At the beginning of the game, the only way to cross from one continent to another is via plot switches, dungeons, or one-time location transfers, such as instantly going from one town to another, due to the storyline.

The northern part of both continents is surrounded by mountains that can't be crossed until the party gains access to an airship, and surrounds one of the more important towns in Final Fantasy VI, Narshe. A chocobo can be obtained fairly early to make traveling from one point to another a lot faster and random encounter-free. The terrain drastically changes about halfway through the game, and the World of Balance is no more. It is thereafter called the World of Ruin.


[edit] World Map

World of balance (FFVI).png

[edit] Locations

[edit] Northern Continent

[edit] Narshe

Main Article: Narshe

Narshe is a snowy mining town, and the starting point of the game. Terra Branford starts out under the control of the Gestahlian Empire searching for a frozen Esper. Later, with the help of the Returners and the party, the town fends off Kefka Palazzo.

[edit] Narshe Mines

Terra uses the Narshe Mines to escape the Empire, but when she doesn't come out, Locke Cole is sent in after her. With the help of moogles, Locke sees Terra to safety.

[edit] Figaro Castle

Main Article: Figaro Castle

Figaro Castle is in the middle of a desert, ruled by Edgar Figaro. It is known for its technological advances, such as the ability to burrow under the desert sands. When Kefka sets the castle on fire in search of Terra, Edgar sends the castle underground while the party flees.

[edit] South Figaro Cave

South Figaro Cave is a pathway from the desert of Figaro Castle to South Figaro. It is the only way to pass through the mountain range without an airship.

[edit] South Figaro

Main Article: South Figaro

South Figaro is a city under the rule of Figaro. The party meets Shadow for the first time. When the city falls under the control of the Empire, Locke returns to investigate and finds Celes Chere imprisoned. After helping her escape, she joins the player party.

[edit] Duncan's Cabin

Duncan's Cabin is home to martial arts master, Duncan Harcourt. If the party arrives here before going to Mt. Kolts, Edgar will recognize some of the items inside.

[edit] Mt. Kolts

Mt. Kolts is a small mountain northeast of South Figaro found at the base of the Sabre Mountain range. The party passes through the mountain on their journey to the Returner Hideout, but are stopped by Vargas. Sabin Figaro steps in to help the party and fights his old master's son. After defeating Vargas, Sabin joins the party.

Mt. Kolts is presumed to have been destroyed during the apocalypse because it is unavailable in the World of Ruin.

[edit] Returner Hideout

Main Article: Returner Hideout

Returner Hideout is the secret headquarters of the Returners nestled in the Sabre Mountains. The party seeks out Banon who invites Terra to join the Returners.

Like Mt. Kolts and the Sabre Mountains, the Returner Hideout is replaced by the ocean in the World of Ruin.

[edit] Lethe River

Lethe River is a fast-moving river that leads out of the Sabre Mountains. The river forks, one fork ending near Nikeah and the other ending near Gau's Father's House. The party uses the river as a means of escape from the Returner Hideout after the Empire invades South Figaro. During the trip, they encounter Ultros for the first time. During battle, Sabin is divided from the rest of the party.

The river disappears along with the rest of the Sabre Mountains in the World of Ruin.

[edit] Gau's Father's House

Main Article: Gau's Father's House

In the World of Balance, Sabin lands near this small house after traversing the Lethe River. However, there is not much to be seen here.

[edit] Imperial Camp

The Imperial Camp is a temporary camp set up by the Empire during their assault on Doma. The camp blocks Sabin and Shadow's only pathway, so they sneak into the camp and witness Kefka poisoning the river that supplies water to Doma. Enraged, Cyan Garamonde invades the camp and fights off Imperial soldiers with Sabin and Shadow's assistance.

The camp is only able to be visited the one time, and no longer exists on the World of Ruin map.

[edit] Doma Castle

Doma Castle is southwest of the Imperial Camp, and the home of Cyan Garamonde. Though Cyan bravely fought off Imperial soldiers, Kefka poisons the water supply effectively killing the remaining citizens. The Empire occupies Doma until the fall of Vector, when Gestahl calls back the troops.

[edit] Phantom Forest

Phantom Forest lies between two mountain ranges on the eastern portion of the continent. The Phantom Train departs from the forest, and the party boards the train. Following the events on the train, the forest can not be revisited and instead serves as normal forest terrain on the world map.

[edit] Baren Falls

Baren Falls is due east of Doma Castle, nestled in the mountain range there. The party uses the Falls to leave Doma and continue into the Veldt. Though Baren Falls is no longer accessible later in the game, they remain intact after the apocalypse and are shown in the closing credits.

[edit] Veldt

The Veldt is an open, grassy plains making up a large part of the southeastern portion of the continent. A wild boy named Gau lives here, and can be recruited into the party with some persuasion. The Veldt is also home to a variety of monsters.

[edit] Mobliz

Main Article: Mobliz

Mobliz is a village on the north edge of the Veldt. The party can buy Dried Meat here to help them recruit Gau.

[edit] Crescent Mountain Cave

Crescent Mountain Cave serves as a pathway through the mountains to Serpent Trench. Gau keeps a "shiny thing" hidden in the cave which he shares with Sabin and Cyan. The cave is only available in the World of Balance.

[edit] Serpent Trench

Serpent Trench is an underground waterway that connects Mobliz and Nikeah. Sabin, Cyan, and Gau use the pathway to travel to Nikeah.

[edit] Nikeah

Main Article: Nikeah

Nikeah is a bustling port city on the central portion of the continent. Ships regularly leave Nikeah bound for South Figaro.

[edit] Kohlingen

Main Article: Kohlingen

Kohlingen is a small village on the northwestern part of the continent. It is the hometown of Rachel, Locke's late girlfriend.

[edit] Jidoor

Main Article: Jidoor

Jidoor is a city on the western portion of the continent. It is a fairly wealthy city and is home to the Auction House where valuable items can be purchased.

[edit] Zozo

Zozo is a city of thieves and liars found north of Jidoor. The party arrives in Zozo in search of Terra, finding her in the care of Ramuh. Ramuh guides them to restore Terra's health, explaining the history of Espers with humans.

[edit] Opera House

The Opera House is an entertainment venue south of Jidoor. It is run by the Impresario, and presents the opera Maria and Draco. In order to sneak onto Setzer Gabbiani's airship, Locke disguises Celes as Maria after learning that Setzer plans to kidnap Maria during the opera.

During the performance, Locke has an encounter with Ultros. After Ultros' defeat, Setzer captures Celes and the party successfully makes their way onto his airship.

[edit] Dragon's Neck Cabin

Main Article: Dragon's Neck Cabin

Dragon's Neck Cabin is a small cabin north of Kohlingen. Inside there is a man who wishes to build a great Coliseum.

[edit] Southern Continent

[edit] Albrook

Main Article: Albrook

Albrook is a port city currently occupied by the Empire. The party takes a ship out of Albrook headed to Thamasa.

[edit] Maranda

Main Article: Maranda

Maranda is a small town, once destroyed by Celes when she was working for the Empire. Lola resides here, waiting for her boyfriend's return.

[edit] Tzen

Main Article: Tzen

Tzen is a town currently occuped by the Empire, located on the north side of the continent.

[edit] Vector

Main Article: Vector

Vector is the capital city of the Empire, and its streets are flooded with soldiers. Vector is destroyed in the apocalypse.

[edit] Magitek Research Facility

The Magitek Research Facility is located within Vector. Inside, the Empire experiments on Espers and produces Magitek armaments. When the party arrives, they meet Cid Del Norte Marquez and rescue the Espers.

[edit] Imperial Observation Post

This Imperial Base is set just outside of the Cave to the Sealed Gate.

[edit] Cave to the Sealed Gate

The Cave to the Sealed Gate leads to the Land of Espers. The gateway was sealed several years prior to the game by the Espers in order to save them from being used by the Empire. The Empire returns to the gate seeking to break the seal, and the party tries to stop them.

[edit] Crescent Island

[edit] Thamasa

Main Article: Thamasa

Thamasa is a small town on the very eastern edge of the map. It is the hometown of Strago Magus and Relm Arrowny.

[edit] Esper Caves

The Esper Caves are along the western coast of the island. Hidden in the caves are the Warring Triad.

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