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The original map of the World of Ruin

World of Ruin is the designation given to the shattered world of Final Fantasy VI. After Kefka Palazzo moves the Warring Triad out of alignment, the World of Balance fragments and shifts to become the World of Ruin.

While the World of Balance was composed mainly of land, and reallocating from one town to another was fairly easy, in the World of Ruin it becomes a bit more difficult. Due to the terrain shapeshifting, massive earthquakes caused the land to split into multiple plates, and transformed various portions of the continents into individual islands. At this point, having access to an airship becomes vital. While walking and chocobo-riding may still be done, it becomes fairly useless. There is still access to all the older locations as there was in the World of Balance, and even some new areas become available. However the mood and tone of the game has completely changed at this point, and the inhabitants of the world become a lot more morbid and eerie.

Some of the rarest and strongest equipment for the party can only be obtained in the World of Ruin, and a few of the strongest Espers can be found. There are also certain items that can only be obtained in their respective world, so once the events lead into the World of Ruin, some items that are only available in the World of Balance can not be obtained.


[edit] World Map

World of ruin (FFVI).png

[edit] Locations

[edit] Solitary Island

A year after the apocalypse, Celes Chere wakes up in a house on this southwestern island. Cid had been caring for her, but after she wakes up, Cid falls ill. If Cid lives, he gives her a raft and sends her on her way. If Cid dies, however, Celes climbs a nearby cliff and attempts suicide. Her efforts fail, but she finds a seagull with Locke's bandana. She then finds a note from Cid telling her about the raft.

[edit] Southern Island

[edit] Albrook

Main Article: Albrook

Albrook survives the apocalypse, and is one of the first destinations that Celes visits. She arrives near Albrook after leaving Solitary Island, and learns of the events of the past year.

[edit] Tzen

Main Article: Tzen

Though Tzen remains largely unharmed, when Celes arrives, Kefka attacks the town. While trying to flee, Celes finds Sabin and the two join together to find the rest of their companions.

[edit] Phoenix Cave

Phoenix Cave hides the special Phoenix magicite. The party finds Locke inside this cave holding his treasure.

[edit] Kefka's Tower

Kefka's Tower is in the very center of the island, and serves as the final location of the game. An airship is required to enter the tower. The party battles through the tower, and finally encounters Kefka. After defeating Kefka, the tower collapses and Terra leads the party out to safety.

[edit] North Island

[edit] Narshe

Main Article: Narshe

Narshe is largely empty of townsfolk after being overrun with monsters. Mog joins the party at this point, and with his help the party can also recruit Umaro.

[edit] Narshe Mines

The party can enter the Narshe Mines to find Mog and get him to help in the search. Mog will also point out that there is another who can help them and leads them to Yeti's Cave.

[edit] Yeti's Cave

Yeti's Cave is just through the Narshe Mines, and with Mog's help, the party can recruit Umaro.

[edit] Duncan's Cabin

Duncan has returned to his home after the apocalypse, and Sabin can learn his master Blitz ability.

[edit] Figaro Island

[edit] Figaro Castle

Main Article: Figaro Castle

Figaro Castle gets stuck underground when it is attacked by a monster, and is taken over by escaped prisoners. Edgar assumes a new identity, Gerad, and takes charge of the group. He manages to free the castle with the help of the party. The castle can then be used to travel to the Ancient Castle.

[edit] Ancient Castle

Inside the Ancient Castle, the party can obtain the Odin Esper from his petrified statue. If they continue to explore, they will also find a petrified statue of the castle's old Queen. Engaging the Queen's statue will turn the Odin magicite into Raiden.

[edit] South Figaro Cave

South Figaro Cave still creates a pathway through the mountain range. A new pathway has been revealed, however, that leads the party into the dungeons of the buried Figaro Castle.

[edit] South Figaro

Main Article: South Figaro

When the party returns to the city of South Figaro, they find that it had been attacked by Kefka's Light of Judgment, but the citizens have begun to rebuild.

[edit] Doma Island

[edit] Doma Castle

Doma Castle is the only location on this small patch of land. When the party visits and rests, Cyan Garamonde's overwhelming guilt leads him to dream of an alternate version of castle. After defeating Wrexsoul however, Cyan settles his remorse and the party moves on.

[edit] Veldt Island

[edit] Veldt

The Veldt is its own island in the World of Ruin, still home to many monsters. After the apocalypse, Gau returned to the Veldt and will rejoin the party from here.

[edit] Cave on the Veldt

The Cave on the Veldt is home to thieves who will drop hints on how to reacquire Gau. When the party first enters, Interceptor will appear and lead them to either Relm or Shadow (depending upon the player's choices in the World of Balance).

[edit] Serpent Trench Island

[edit] Mobliz

Main Article: Mobliz

Mobliz was one of the few locations hit by Kefka's Light of Judgment. The village's adults all died trying to protect their children, and so the children are all that remain. After the apocalypse, Terra arrived in the village and began to care for the children.

[edit] Serpent Trench

Serpent Trench still connects Mobliz and Nikeah, but is largely above ground now.

[edit] Nikeah

Main Article: Nikeah

Nikeah is found at the north end of the island, and still manages to be a prosperous port city. Ships continuously run from Nikeah to South Figaro.

[edit] Cultists' Tower

The Cultists' Tower is home to a group of those that worship Kefka. The tower is quite tall and a special barrier prevents physical attacks from being used within.

Strago Magus can be found wandering on the outside of the tower, and if Relm is in the party, she will get Strago to rejoin.

[edit] Northwest Island

[edit] Kohlingen

Main Article: Kohlingen

Kohlingen survives the apocalypse and Setzer Gabbiani's can be recruited back into the party from this village. After Locke finds the Phoenix magicite, returning here will have him use it to revive Rachel.

[edit] Dragon's Neck Coliseum

Main Article: Dragon's Neck Coliseum

Dragon's Neck Coliseum is north of Kohlingen, previously named Dragon's Neck Cabin. Ultros can be found as the receptionist to the Coliseum. If Shadow survived the World of Balance, and was rescued from the Cave on the Veldt, he can be recruited back into the party from Dragon's Neck Coliseum.

The player can engage in various types of one-on-one fights in the Coliseum, betting the party's own items as bets.

[edit] Darill's Tomb

Darill's Tomb is west of Kohlingen. After Setzer's friend, Darill, was killed while racing airships with him, he buried her airship under the tomb. With Setzer's help, the party can recover the Falcon and use it to traverse the World of Ruin.

[edit] Western Island

[edit] Jidoor

Main Article: Jidoor

Relm fled to the city of Jidoor after the apocalypse, and can be recruited back into the party from Owzer's house.

[edit] Maranda

Main Article: Maranda

Maranda is still the small town it was prior to the apocalypse. Lola survives, and writes to Cyan who is under the guise of her boyfriend. The party is able to follow her letter from Maranda to Zozo in order to find Cyan.

[edit] Zozo

Zozo exists as it had prior to the apocalypse. The party arrives in Zozo after following a carrier pigeon sent by a woman named Lola.

[edit] Mt. Zozo

Cyan Garamonde has made a home in a Mt. Zozo cave, where he writes to Lola under the name of her deceased lover. He can easily be recruited back into the party.

[edit] Opera House

After the apocalypse, the Opera House is no longer functioning, but still remains on the world map.

[edit] Northeast Island

[edit] Gau's Father's House

Main Article: Gau's Father's House

When the party visits this small house with both Sabin and Gau in the party, Sabin will suggest that the crazy old man living here is Gau's father. After making Gau presentable, they return to the house. Gau's father, however, believes Gau to have been a dream.

[edit] Southeast Island

[edit] Thamasa

Main Article: Thamasa

Thamasa remains on the most southeastern island. If the player has viewed all of Shadow's flashbacks, they will learn that he fled to Thamasa after parting ways with Baram.

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